Valentine's Day Run

Sunday February 14.  9 a.m. Percy Warner Park Tomorrow our Sunday run will once again be at Percy Warner park.  If you came last week, I'm sure you noticed the vast difference in the terrain between PWP and Shelby Park.  Hill running is important not just because the 1/2 marathon course is hilly, but it develops running specific strength (sorry gym rats, but doing squats doesn't do much to make you a better runner), and it helps improve your running mechanics.  There are lots of different types of hill workouts, but just adding rolling hills to your long runs is a great way to start.  For those of you who are new to rolling terrain, here are the two main hill running tips:

1) Slow Down.  When you hit a hill you want to try and maintain the same effort level, not the same pace.  You don't want every hill to be an anaerobic effort. Keeping your effort level constant, you will be able to get right back on pace when you hit the top of the hill.  (By the way, this is the best way to race as well - keep your effort level steady and adjust your pace when you hit hills.)

2) Short quick steps.  Short steps will help conserve energy when you are going up the hill, and it will reduce impact when you are going down the hill.   This is especially true the steeper the hill gets. Not to mention that when you are running trails, short steps help your footing as well.

Helpful cold, wet weather non-running tips.

1) Take off wet clothes as soon as possible.  You especially need to have a dry layer next to your skin.  So throw a change of clothes into your car for Sundays and Wednesdays.

2) Have a plastic bag for your shoes.  This is just so your car doesn't get muddy.  But remember to take your shoes out of the bag when you get home!

3) Have something to eat and drink right after you run.  It is important to get fluids and calories into you body as soon as possible after you run.  Try to get 200-400 calories into you body within 30 minutes of finishing your run.  Then stuff your face at brunch 90 minutes later!

See you tomorrow!