Pre-Thanksgiving Calorie Burn!

Running Stuff This Wednesday.  Run #7.  Check it out below.   Remember, East Nasties run Wednesday nights year round!

1/2 Marathon Training:   Every year since 2004, the East Nasties have trained for the Country Music 1/2 marathon together.  We meet every Sunday morning starting on January 3, and there are training plans for novice, intermediate and advanced runners.  The best part is it's a chance to train with 50+ other Nasties for free!

So, pencil December 13th into your schedule.  That morning there will be the East Nasty 1/2 Marathon Informational Meeting/Run/Pot Luck Brunch.  It will be a chance to get more information and try one of Zach's world famous casseroles!

Odds and Ends.

East Nasty Dave Coleman and his band "The Coal Men" were featured on NPR Mountain Stages.  Check it out!

East Nasty had a crew that did the Bourbon Chase relay race.   Here is a video recap complete with Freddy Jones Band musical accompaniment.

I coach cross country at a local high school, and High School cross country runners have strange senses of humor.  This year's running (no pun intended) joke was "Spagett".  I had no idea what it meant until now...  Yikes...this is even stranger than last year's jokes:  Llamas with Hats and Charlie the Unicorn.

See you on Wednesday.