Wednesday 11-18-09




Don't be afraid of the dark...or cold.

It actually feels like fall today.   Damp and cool.  So it's time to move the workouts indoors right?  Wrong!   East Nasty runs year round!   While it's definitely harder to get out the door when it's cold, once you're running you'll never notice the brisk air.   So get some reflective gear, grab your East Nasty hoody and join us for Run #6: 4.55 miles down Riverside.

Odds and Ends

1) We will be running next week.   Come join us to proactively burn off those Thanksgiving calories!

2) Bring $30 and grab your hoody.   Better yet, bring $40, grab your hoody and join us at 3 Crow.

3) Do you think that the sophomore slump with high school distance runners is because they are going through a growth spurt?  It's a theory that I am working on...

4) East Nasty will be training for the 1/2 marathon.  Pencil December 13th on your calendar for a run/informational meeting  The training will begin in earnest January 3.