Wednesday 10-14-09 Back to the start...

Look for the Giant A The Run

This Wednesday, 6:00: back to Run #1 (look at the bottom of the blog for links to all 12 runs).  Run #12 was last week, so we are starting our 12 run sequence over.  This means shorter runs; beginning this week at 3.2 miles.  Remember if you want to run longer, there is a 2-mile add on loop that many people complete after or before the "regular" run.

The Walk

Many folks have been asking for slower runs or walks on Wednesday nights. Walkers and runners of any ability level have always been welcome at East Nasty - but there has never been anything official.  Now we have an East Nasty walk leader: Amy Burton.    So if you are a walker, or if you have a friend who would love to walk - Amy will lead a group through the streets of East Nashville and back to 3 Crow bar starting this Wednesday.  Thanks Amy!

The Hummus?

One of the landmarks of this run is my friend Debbie's house (another landmark is the giant "A" in someone's yard ???)  .  She is a multi-talented woman: a great photographer, cook and blogger.   Just recently, she has started selling her world famous curry hummus for $5!   She is going to bring out a sample this Wednesday, and give us all an opportunity to order some. Thanks Debs!


Lots of races this weekend.  Starting with the Inglewood 5k. The race has issued the East Nasties a challenge: the first three East nasty finishers will receive a $10 gift certifiate from Beyond the Edge.

The Nashville Ultra.

Also on Sunday is the Music City 1/2 Marathon ( looks like registration is closed )

See you on Wednesday.  RAIN OR SHINE!!


Remember bring a sweatshirt, your ID and a couple of bucks to enjoy a beer on the 3 Crow patio!