Nasty 10-7-09

Hill #1 The Run

It's time.

Route #12.  Nasty.  6 miles.  Many hills.  Nasty hills.

(note:  for those who do not like the full bodied taste of a 6 mile run, "nasty light" will also be offered on Wednesday night.)

East Nasty has 12 runs that we follow sequentially.  Run #1 is the shortest, and run #12, the longest.  This week is run #12: a 6 mile jaunt into some new neighborhoods and up some ridiculous hills.  Don't worry, if you're a new runner or just not feeling it this week, there's a 3.8 mile option.  (Check out the link to "nasty light" above.)  Check out the links to all 12 runs at the bottom of the blog...


I am not going to 3 Crow Bar after the run...what??? Are they out of beer???  No they are not.  After the run, we all should be heading over to The Basement to check out former ENOW Hugh Mundy as he opens for a band with a little stand up comedy.  Really?   Yes, really, and it doesn't happen very often, plus it's free!  So join the caravan as we head over to the basement.  (Hugh will probably start up about 8:00 or 8:30ish)

Race for the Cure.  This Saturday, the Race for the Cure will be held in Maryland farms, and they are expecting a huge crowd.   Our own Jill Mongene is the race director and has asked East Nasty to send 20 men down that morning to volunteer.  Let's see if we can exceed that goal!  Click here to volunteer - there is a special spot just for us!

See you on Wednesday.  And don't forget to wear your Swiftwick socks for a chance to win a new pair.


6:00 pm Wednesdays at 11th and Holly.