Wednesday 9-2-09

Fall I don't want to jinx anything, but it seems that fall has arrived.  The last couple of days have been magnificent and I don't find myself sweating through my shirt the moment I step out the front door...

Run #7

This week we are on Run #7.  What??  Run #7.  That's right...we have a new route!   Don't worry, we haven't eliminated the old ones; the East Nasty executive committee just decided that it was time for a couple of new runs.  So take a moment to check out the new run...there is a link at the bottom of the blog. More new runs are forthcoming!

Dogs of the Week


Last week we met Fred and Ethel, two puppies who were abandoned on the side of the road.   If you are thinking about adopting an animal - these guys are looking for a great home.  Email Elizabeth (her info is at the website), or grab her on a Wednesday night and she can help you find the perfect pet!


See you on Wednesday.