July 22

We are back to run #1, the figure 8. If you are new to this blog, keep reading...if not skip down to "shirts".

For you new folks reading this blog, East Nasty is a running group (sort of...) who meet on Wednesdays and Sundays.  Wednesday, we meet in East Nashville at the corner of 11th and Holly.  We rotate through 6 different runs, check them out at the bottom of this blog...this week we are back at run #1.

Sunday mornings East Nasty meets at various locations for a long run.  Check the "Sunday Morning Runs" tab for more details.  This week we will gather at Percy Priest Elementary for a 12 mile run around Radnor Lake.   Look for a blog posting on Saturday for more details...

Shirts: If you ordered a shirt, you need to pick it up ASAP.   If you have not paid for your shirt, it will go on sale to the general public after the run this Wednesday at 3 Crow.  If you have paid for your shirt, please swing by this Wednesday to pick it up!

See you tomorrow!