Riverside / Sunday Switch

Wednesday 7-15-09 Run #6.  Check the link on the bottom of the page, this route takes us through Shelby Park, and down Riverside.  For a landmark, turn left off of Riverside at Dee's BBQ.

Check out the last blog entry for links to the three commercial spots featuring East Nasty and the Tomato.

Sunday Long Run

Our weekend long run has changed.  We had a ten mile run planned, but instead we are going to join the striders for the Bongo-to-Bongo run.   (The striders sponsor a series of marathon training runs every fall.  They are fully supported, and usually there is a fantastic showing.)  The Bongo-to-Bongo run starts and ends at Bongo Java East, runs across the river past the Belmont Bongo Java, and back.  The total run is 14 miles, but since it is out and back, you could turn around at any point and make it whatever length you need. Downside: the run starts at 6:30 am, ugh...

3 Crow Cooler

Many of you may have noticed the igloo cooler outside at 3 Crow Bar.  That was put there specifically for us!  Say "thanks" to your server when you see him/her, and enjoy the ice cold water!