Sunday - 3/22/09 Course Changes!

Nasties - This Sunday we are starting to run on the actual 1/2 marathon course.  We will start and finish in Centennial Park .  There is parking half-way between the Parthenon and West End.  

NOTE:  The course has changed!  It will be different than last year, and the map at the official website has not been changed (at least not yet...).  The above link will take you to the final instructions, which contains the updated map.  

The course is much more similar to the original marathon course from 5-6 years ago.  It will be a little more challenging than last year, but much more scenic.   For those of you familiar with the course, here are the important changes for our run this Sunday:

1) Last Year: Run down broadway to 12th ave.  

*   This Year:  Run all the way down to 4th ave.

2) Last Year: Run down Clifton to Lealand.

*    This Year: Clifton to Granny White, then left on Battlefield back to Belmont.

So what are we doing this Sunday??  We will run the first 8.25ish miles of the course, take a left on Wedgewood (which becomes Blakemore) then a right on 25th, past the Vanderbilt stadiums and back to Centennial Park.  The total mileage will be a little over 10 miles.  

After the run, some of us may run closer to 12 miles by doing 2 laps of Centennial Park.

See you Sunday!