Wednesday 3/18 - March Madness

First the run information: We have completed the first round of our 6 run series. I hope that you guys enjoyed the variety in both the length and the layout of the courses.  I am going to have a survey about each run for you guys to take once Annie teaches me how to do one of those....and I'll use that feedback to make some changes for our summer runs.   This Wednesday, we are starting back at Run #1. Now the fun stuff: East Nasty bookie Drew Jones has volunteered to run an NCAA Basketball bracket challenge.  This is what you need to do:

1. Download a bracket - or clip one out of the newspaper.  (You may want to wait until after the play-in game on Tuesday.  But it doesn't really matter, because that game will not figure into the East Nasty Bracket Challenge - and if you have that team beating Louisville then you have absolutely no chance of winning anyway...)

2. Fill out the bracket.  Remember to make a photocopy for yourself!

3. Pay Drew $1 on Wednesday.

If you forget to bring your bracket, Drew will have some additional ones available on Wednesday night.  But don't forget your $1 !!!

All the money will go to benefit East Nasty is some way, specifically the two people who make the most accurate predictions might personally benefit more than others.  They will not benefit equally, most likely about 75/25. Remember, this is for entertainment purposes only, and East Nasty reserves the right to give all the money to charity in order to stay out of jail.

The days are getting warmer and longer, so bring a change of clothes and join us for a beer at 3 Crow after the run!  

See you on Wednesday.