Sunday 2/1/09 - Time Trial / Yoga Details

"What pace should I run during the 1/2 marathon?" "Do you think I can run 8 minutes per mile?"

"How fast should I run during my training runs?"

These are questions that I often receive and the answer is "Who knows??"   These questions are completely abstract ...until that runner can give me a recent running performance by which to make a judgement.   For example, if someone can give me a 5K or 10K race time - then I can estimate (and they are only that - estimates)  their 1/2 marathon ability, and I can tell them how fast to run during their training.  These estimates are not guarantees, but it's much better than just taking a shot in the dark.

That is why we are doing a hard 3 mile run this week.  This run will be a benchmark by which we can plan our future runs, estimate our 1/2 marathon ability  and evaluate our progress. (We'll perform another hard 3-mile run in March.)  

Logistics - all the runs will be on the greenway since every 1/2 mile is marked:

Novice: Warm-up out to the 1 mile marker -  Run hard out to the 2 mile marker and back.  Catch your breath and then jog for about 5 minutes more.

Intermediate: Jog out to the 2 mile marker - Run hard out to the 2.5 - then turn around and head back.  Catch your breath and jog for about 5 minutes more.

Advanced: Jog out to the 3 mile marker - turn around and run hard back.  Cool down for about 10 minutes.

Side Note: Write this time down!  This is one reason I gave you guys training logs.  Keep track of these hard runs, so you can monitor your progress.  We will also use this time to establish a training pace for next week.

Grab a snack to eat, and then we are all invited to head over to Kali Yuga Yoga for the intro to yoga class.  Here are the details from Leah:

"After the time trials on Sunday, Feb 1st all runners are welcome to join Leah, owner and director of East Nashville's Kali Yuga Yoga, for a short but thorough yoga session. This 30 minute practice is designed to aid in the recovery and healing process of hard working muscles utilized in intense race training. In addition, through these simple but specific poses runners will improve the condition of their muscles, reduce their risk of injury, explore efficient ways to improve breathing and increase the longevity of their sport. Our session will include some of the most popular asanas and ways to safely and effectively execute them. All levels are welcome but the practice will be geared towards beginners. For any questions yoga related or otherwise feel free to contact Leah:
TIME: 11:00
LOCATION: Kali Yuga Yoga"
See you Sunday!
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