Wednesday 1/28/09 - Kali Yuga Yoga/ Future Running Routes

Nasties - I don't have time to pontificate about the virutes of running - so just the facts this week....

This week's route (Thanks to Polly): Something a little bit different.

Speaking of runs...

Future Running Routes: Starting in February (next week), I am going to start a 6-week, 6-route rotation.  I will pick the 6 most popular routes (according to me), starting at 3 miles and working to almost 5 miles, and we will run them in a 6-week cycle.   I will post all the runs at the bottom of the blog - so we can plan accordingly.

Yoga For Runners: This Sunday after the Sunday morning East Nasty run, Leah from Kali Yuga Yoga, will be presenting a free 30 minute yoga clinic.  If the weather coorporates - it will be held outside in Shleby, if not - it will be back at her studio at 11:00.

Always remember East Nasty Rule #1 - Everyone gets home safely.  Please run with a partner, and be safe when cars are around!

See you tomorrow!