Wednesday 1/14/09

Since that lawyer guy was not accosted in Shelby, but actually faked his death,we can confidently head back down into Shelby Park!  This week's run takes us down Lilian Hill, around the lake, up Eastside hills to 18th, 18th to Boscobel and back to 11th. This run totals 3.66 miles, but remember, there is always a group of folks who run the extra 2 mile loop.  

(The park is dark, so wear reflective gear, and do run with a buddy just to make sure they don't fake their own death.)

For those of you who have met Leigh Ann Polsgrove, you would know that she is a proud ambassador for the East Nasties.  She is also quite an adventurer, as you can read in her article that she wrote for women's adventure sport magazine! Great job Leigh Ann!

When?    6:00pm

Where?  11th and Holly

See you there!  

As always, bring some warm clothes and a couple dollars for a pint at 3 Crow.


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