Sunday 1/11/09

Week 2 of CMM 1/2 training. Last week we had a great showing with fantastic weather, and while we hope for more 50-60 degree mornings, don't count on it. If it's cold, make sure you cover your head and hands  - and bring some warm, dry clothes to change into after the run.  Remember the rule of thumb:  dress as if you are going for a walk in weather 15-20 degrees warmer than the current temperature.  After the run, we will be heading over to Ugly Mugs again, so bring a couple of bucks for some java and a grilled panini.  (mmmmm....grilled panini....)

There are lots of people coming to these runs, and a lot of new faces.  If you're new, there's bound to be someone who is about your pace.  Spend these first couple of weeks looking for a training buddy or buddies.  Having a familiar face to run with really helps during a 1/2 marathon - so introduce yourself to the other East Nasties who are running by your side.

So how fast should you be running?  The most common error that beginner runners make is that they run every run at the same speed.  So of course long distances are intimidating if you do your 8 mile runs at the same pace as your 3 mile runs!  Your long runs should be comfortable - meaning conversational: if you can't talk during a long run, you are going too fast. For those of you who need numbers: once your long run is longer than 60 minutes, you should be running a minute and a half to two minutes slower per mile than your 5K pace.  Or for you heart rate junkies - your heart rate should never exceed 80% of your maximum on a long run, and should probably be closer to 65-70%.

Note:  You don't need to worry about gels or goo or really any sort of calorie replacement until your runs are over 90 minutes.

The training plans are at the bottom of this blog - so print yours out and post it on the fridge.  I am planning on bring a couple extra training logs - post a comment if you want one, so I will know how many to make.

Finally - consider speed sessions.  Because if you think long runs are hard to do by yourself...wait till you try to do track workouts on your lonesome!!  Fleet Feet offers winter speed sessions specifically designed to improve your 1/2 marathon time.  (In the summer, the sessions are deisgned to improve your 5K times - but really there is a lot of overlap...)  They are on Tuesdays from late January until mid-April.  I plan and coach the morning  sessions, Drew coaches the afternoon sessions, so grab either of us if you have questions.

See you on Sunday!!!


PS Bring 16-32 ounces of fluids for after the run! I usually finish a 32 oz gatorade in about 3 gulps after a long run.  This will become even more important as our runs get longer.