Erin Burcham Taylor



Before you read about this new East Nasty of the Week, be sure you read the article she has written in Her Magazine about our Wednesday night running group. (Click here to read it!) That is a pretty sweet write-up from a super cool East Nasty member, now say hello to Erin Burcham Taylor.

Erin was born in the center of the United States, in the city of Lincoln, Nebraska. Unlike other former ENOWs, she was not that big a fan of the Presidential Fitness challenge, in fact she considers it one of the worst days of her life! Erin distinctly remembers her vial P.E. teacher and the all the pains and nausea attributed to running a time trial mile. She managed to come in just under 14 minutes. Despite that minor setback, however, she decided to join the track team during her senior year of high school. Her overall goal was simple, to get in shape for prom. Pretty quickly she was able to run 5-6 miles after school each day, and as a reward for her efforts she would occasionally have a cigarette with her friends after practice. Not the most recommended routine for competitive racing, but she was trying to look cool!

After high school Erin decided to stay local and attend the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. Her life there revolved around going to football games (of course!), attending parties, and leading her sorority as the president. As she so easily put it, “A T-shirt for every occasion.” While not participating in social activities, she studied broadcast journalism. She dreamed of being a local TV reporter, but she wound pursuing a different type of journalism.

In 2004 Erin made the move from the capital of Nebraska to the capital of Tennessee. She came here to work for the headquarters of her sorority, which for some reason is strangely placed in the heart of Maryland Farms in Brentwood. Her original plans were to live in Nashville for one year, and then head back to her parents Christmas tree farm in Nebraska (not kidding!) But as you can see, she is still with us seven years later. She also picked up the running bug after living in Nashville after a year and half. A couple of co-workers and herself began running after work each day, and not too long after they ran the Frostbite 5K in Hendersonville. From that moment Erin has been hooked.

Erin now works as the marketing coordinator for a financial company, but she also is a freelance writer for some local publications, such as Brite and Her Nashville. Her monthly column, “Her Night Out,” in Her has been going for three years now and gives insight to some of the various events and happenings throughout our great city. CLICK HERE to read all of the archived stories.

Erin also has two big developments going on in her life. She has recently gotten married, and the happy couple has moved to East Nashville. After joining our group for the 2009 country music half marathon training, she has secretly been pretending to be a resident of the 37206 zip code, but now it’s official. So a big congratulations to Erin and her husband on their future together and their new residence!

Be sure to keep an eye out for Erin’s future articles in Her Magazine, and be sure to say hello the next time you see her out at East Nasty.