Meg Willoughby

Recently, while making my way through the giant dust bowl known as Bonnaroo this year, I bumped into this new East Nasty of the Week. Turns out it was her first time to the landmark festival in Manchester, TN, and I am not sure she will ever go back. Here are just five of the many things she learned while at the festival this year: 1) Porta-potties are the most disgusting invention of the last century.

2) Wanda Jackson is the coolest old lady EVER.

3) Hula-hoops are the new hacky-sacks and are a not appropriate in crowd situations.

4) If a single food vendor offers deep fried corndogs, spicy thai food and funnel cakes at the same location while flying an Italian flag, chances are the Health Department has not tested them lately.

5) Mumford and Sons is sponsored by Fruit of a Loom ribbed tanks.

Say hello to the one and only, Meg Willoughby!!!



Meg was born just south of here, in Madison, Alabama, right outside of Huntsville. In her early years Meg was a bit of a swimmer, in fact, she may even still hold a couple of state records there. She also played soccer up through middle school, but by the time she got to high school she turned her focus to the arts. She not only created visual art, she also performed in the school plays and even travelled with a performance youth group across the country. Whenever she had some free time in her busy schedule, she would go to “calculus parties” (which I have no idea what those are,) practiced for band competitions, and even went to a couple “French conventions” (again, I have no idea what that is.) Although Meg refers to herself as a geek during those years, she at least knows that she was a cool geek.

After high school Meg decided to attend the Ringling College of Art and Design. YES, the college was created by the infamous Ringling Brothers, but do not worry, Meg did not attend any clown classes during her tenure at the school. She actually majored in graphic design and photography, and as she explained to me, most of her days at school were focused on drawing naked people and doing metal sculpture with a blow torch!

After college Meg moved up to Nashville and began working for the NFL, where she made websites. Later she worked for a major record label in town (rhymes with pony), and her job was to create CD packaging. Another part of Meg’s job was to photoshop some of the wrinkles, fat, and blemishes of the rising country stars. Now she works as a designer for a PR firm.

In 2008 Meg and her friend sat out and watched the runners of the Country Music Marathon. The next year she decided to captain a water stop, and she watched as her older sister ran the half marathon portion of the event. Inspired with the “well if she can, so can I” attitude, Meg set her sights on the 2010 Country Music Half, which she successfully completed. A couple of weeks later, with the running bug still a part of her, she joined East Nasty for a Wednesday night run. She credits her friend Becca Stinson as the reason she stuck with running and with East Nasty. Now she has completed 4 triathlons, 3 half marathons, the Ragnar Relay (with an East Nasty team), and she plans to complete her first full marathon in Huntsville at the Rocket City Marathon in December.



In her free time now (besides trying to host calculus parties), she enjoys biking and hiking. She has a life goal of visiting all 58 National Parks…and a goal to never go to Bonnaroo again! Be sure to say hello to Megan this week, and leave a comment below.