Heidi Wilson



This week’s person of honor has been an integral part of our running organization for awhile now, she is always willing to volunteer, host a party or brunch, help encourage others, and basically just grace us with her presence! Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Heidi Wilson.

Heidi was born in Inglewood, California, which you may remember being mentioned in the epic 2Pac and Dr. Dre song “California Love,” …yeah, Inglewood, Inglewood always up to no good.- She moved to Denver when she was 5, and then onto Kingwood, Texas around the age of 10. According to her family she was a happy kid who loved everyone and was loved by anyone she met. Besides a little foray into ballet in elementary school, her other sport was cross country, which she ran in high school.

For college Heidi headed off to Texas A&M in College Station, and after graduation she moved to Houston proper, thinking she we spend the rest of her life where “the stars at night are big and bright.” But then she met an English fellow by the name of Andy Moss. He is the reason that Heidi moved to Nashville, so I guess he deserves some credit. But her coolness and all around greatness in life is 100% Heidi Wilson!

In the spring of 2009 she joined the inaugural East Nasty couch to 5K program. Since the East Nashville Tomato 5K of that year Heidi has been all about races, running several other 5Ks, the Purity 10K, the Boulevard Bolt, the 2010 Country Music Half Marathon and she even joined an East Nasty team for the Ragnar Relay from Chattanooga to Nashville. She also volunteered her time to help other runners in our second couch to 5K program. She was incredibly proud of the girls she trained with and felt a huge sense of accomplishment watching them cross the finish line at the Tom King 5K just a couple of weeks ago. Now her own sights are set on taking down 12th Avenue and the rest of this year’s CMHM, in hopes of setting a new PR for herself.



Finally a quick shout out goes to Andy Moss who sent me pages of information on Heidi for this East Nasty of the Week. I always ask people if they have anything else they want to share for the ENOW nomination and rarely hear much of answer back, but then again most people aren’t Andy Moss. So here are three tidbits that you may or may not know about Heidi

  • She will drive for years with outdated tags. (Andy has seen the tickets to prove it).

  • She cries at sad movies. (Andy carries a hankie at the movies.)

  • She currently drives a black VW Passatt, which is named Penny.

Next time you see her, be sure to congratulate this wonderful addition to the East Nasty of the Week club.