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Noell 1

Just in time for the Christmas holiday, I would like to introduce to you an East Nasty who has been a part of our running group for quite some time and whose name may look like the word “Noël” but is actually pronounced “knoll.” I present to you the newest East Nasty of the Week, the very deserving Noell Rembert.

Noell was born in Memphis TN, but grew up most of her life in Wilmington, North Carolina. Did they film the show Dawson’s Creek there while she lived in that town you ask? WELL, the answer is YES!!! But instead of watching the drama unfold between Dawson, Joey and Pacey, our good friend Noell decided to focus her efforts on her own life. She was quite the athlete, playing soccer, tennis, basketball, and softball, and she also hit the books pretty hard and ended up getting accepted to THE University of the South, also known as Sewanee.

At Sewanee Noell majored in Psychology, but more importantly she was friends with fellow ENOW Will (the Thrill) Arnold. With her undergraduate degree in hand she ventured north to Nashville to work for the state government. However, Nashville was supposed to be merely a stepping stone to New York City.  Now 8 years later Noell is starting to get things lined up for a move up to the Big Apple in early 2011. Sad for us, but great for her!

Noell came to East Nasty through her friend (another fellow ENOW) Lanie Brooks. The two decided to come on a Wednesday night run, and neither one of them has looked back since. If there is an East Nasty event, you can bet your bottom dollar that Noell and Lanie will both be there with smiles on! But Noell is no stranger to running long distances. Since 2005 she has been running half marathons, including the “Napa to Sonoma” race in which she raised $3500 for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation. In 2010, Noell set two running records for herself. Just 3 weeks ago she set a PR for herself in the St. Jude Memphis Half Marathon with a time of 1:55:53. And during the Bourbon Chase relay, as a part of the East Nasty Team, she ran 18 miles in 24 hours, her longest distance in that time period. She also wanted to point out that she had a pretty rough leg of the race, as most of the people in her van can acknowledge, but as usual Noell handled it like a champ.

Congratulations Noell on being East Nasty of the Week!

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