Short Set-tember 2010

baby short sept

baby short sept

*We will get back to our regular ENOW write-ups soon enough people, but for this week East Nasty would like to highlight a special concert coming up this weekend. Of course I am talking about Short Set-tember!

I am pretty sure that if East Nashville held its own elections, Micah Puncochar would be named the Mayor of the whole 37206 zip code. Let’s be honest people, when you think “Micah,” you think of words like Honesty, Hope, and Dignity (see picture below)! He was one the very first East Nasties, he used to be in an all Scooter gang, and he hosts the best parties in all of Nashville proper! And thus you need to know about the 4th Annual Short Set-tember, which will be taking place this Saturday, September 25th from 5:30 to 11pm.

The whole thing was conceived one fateful day when Sloane Southard and Micah wanted to come up with a unique way to celebrate the start of autumn. They dreamed up a backyard concert series where a number of local musicians would play short sets, and thus the name and the idea were set. Since its initial run in 2007, each year it has gotten bigger, with around 200 people coming to enjoy the music, drink some good beer, and even boogie down.

Some past artists have been Brooke Waggoner, Trigger Code, Charlie Hardin, Chelsey Scott, Matthew Perryman Jones, Kindercastle, and a Canadian named Matt Epp. This year is going to be sweet featuring singer songwriters, country rock, straight rock, and all kinds of stuff in between.

The cost is $10 and that goes right to the musicians, since the kegs are sponsored by the unofficial East Nashville Fiesta Cooperative. The party starts at 5:00 pm and runs until 11. People can bring blankets or chairs if they want, and usually people do that in the beginning, but it tends to get more rowdy as the evening progresses.

The party is at Micah's house, 622 Mc Ferrin Ave.

We hope to see everyone for there, but I especially hope to see Micah’s long lost brother ‘Miami Pepperoni,’ who also attended Tennessee Tech a couple of years ago and ended up in their yearbook.

Miami Pepperoni

Miami Pepperoni


Also a quick note about the East Nasty cheering section for the Women’s Half Marathon this weekend: Heidi Huerta has done an excellent job in helping prepare a large number women to run in this event, and I think it would be great for a group of East Nasties to go out there and cheer them on! If you are interested, let’s meet up around the “Musica” statue off of Demonbreun at 7:15 am on Saturday morning. If you need more details please feel free to email me at

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