Duane Stephenson

Well, folks, it's me.  Annie.  Your now-foreign East Nasty correspondent - much like one Connie Chung, perhaps. When I heard that Duane Stephenson had been elected as the East Nasty of the Week, I made sure that Rod stopped the presses to let me write this one.  See, I made a promise to Duane that should he ever have the honor of ENOW bestowed upon him, I would resurrect from my Coloradan exile, rising from the hinterlands on the wings of the Internet, and write a little something-something.

Now, I know what you're thinking.  THIS Duane Stephenson?

No.  I have no idea who that man is.

I'm talking about THIS Duane Stephenson - and really, as far as we're concerned, the ONLY Duane Stephenson.



Duane grew up in Texas, where he was educated in the ways of music, Tex-Mex, and Shiner Bock.  After high school, he took the advice of one M.W. Smith - that would be "go west, young man" - and headed to the University of Southern California.  But eventually, the allure of the Lone Star brought him back to Texas.  He loves Texas.  I think he is obsessed with Texas.  I have no idea if this is Duane's website, but... yes, this totally has to be Duane's website.  I heard he's updating it soon, though...

Based back in Texas, he spent years writing songs, playing in bands, and touring.  He has CD's, people, and a very pretty guitar.  Having lived in Nashville for 5 years now, Duane is self-employed in the realm of computers.

Which brings us to present day.  Duane is a recent(ish) addition to East Nasty, and with no real previous running experience, is seizing what I think may be the Year of the Duane (spread it around like wildfire).  He is preparing to run - nay, own - the half-marathon in April.

He is David Wilcox's biggest fan, makes a mean pot of chili, and knows more "Lost" trivia than anyone I know.  Long live Duane Stephenson, and amen.

Contact Duane at duane@eastnastyforlife.com

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