Elizabeth Chauncey



When it comes to charity and love for animals, look no further than Elizabeth Chauncey.

Although born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Elizabeth headed off to London, England at the age of 18 to work for a year. After that she decided to traverse the Earth for another year, seeing some 35 countries throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia. Her favorite was the outskirts and small villages of Turkey, where she and her fellow travelers were taken in by friendly families and befriended by everyone they encountered.

Finally she returned back to the U.S. of A, and settled down in Pennsylvania for awhile. Her love of singing, however, and her desire to be around song writers got her to move to Nashville, which happened just over six years ago. Her group East Side Story is a group of 4 East Nashville musicians, and they just released a 5-song E.P. last summer.

If that weren't enough, last year she started the non-profit organization East C.A.N. (Community Action Network). Their mission is to “to make a positive and immediate difference in East Nashville by facilitating neighbors helping neighbors.” In a recent Nashville Paw magazine, they ranked Elizabeth and East C.A.N. 3rd in the Best Animal Welfare Organization category. East C.A.N. has also recently helped an Eagle Scout raise awareness for his community project to build wheelchair ramps, assisted Hope Restoration Ministries gain donations of household items for their new Transitional Home for the homeless, and helped another East Nashville resident in her relocation to McMinnville, TN. And of course they have all those wonderful dogs too, who are just waiting for someone to take them home.

It was one of the rescued dogs that brought Elizabeth to East Nasty two months ago. She had seen us running by her house, and knew Mark Miller from church, so she decided to bring out the brindle colored pit bull Sonny, so that he could meet other people and to get a good work out for the dog. Now she is there each week, and she always brings a new dog to meet the group.

It is also important to mention that this last week during run #4, for first time since she joined our group, she ran the entire route without stopping, which truly is awesome because that long uphill coming out of Shelby Bottoms is the devil!

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