Erin Rainey

With the cooling temperatures (a whole 0.8 degrees) and the upcoming Fall foliage, it is no surprise that so many new people are showing up to East Nasty each week. We have already implemented 2 water coolers, as well as the addition of fresh produce for a little post-run consumption for the continually growing 100-person crowd. This week’s ENOW is one of those bright shining faces.



Erin Rainey hails from Hendersonville, TN, where she played on the volleyball team. Her coach, just to be cruel, use to make the whole team run mile sprints, and by her senior year she could run at a sub-8 minute mile with ease. After high school, she headed over to Goodlettsville, TN to attend NOSSI College of Art. There she studied the art of graphic design, and since graduation has been using her skills for her job at Comcast. And no she cannot lower your monthly bill, I already asked.

As of right now, Erin is training for her first race, EVER, the Middle Half in Murfreesboro on October 3rd. And part of her training is our Wednesday night group runs, including her favorite route  #5, over the Walking Bridge and back (which I loathe by the way b/c of the long uphill back up Woodland).

The shout-out this week goes to Erin’s former workmate, the unstoppable Heidi Huerta, for inviting her to East Nasty just a couple of months ago.

 So best of luck Erin in your future race and welcome to the East Nasty running crew!

Sidenote: With so many new faces each week, it is important for us veterans to continue greeting these people and making them feel welcome to our group. Also, be sure to follow in Heidi's footsteps and continue inviting your friends, neighbors, co-workers, that kid on the bike, and any one else you think would enjoy our good time atmosphere.

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