JP Cowan

JP’s running career began in Pamplona, Spain, with the Running of the Bulls. Obviously, he survived. We – and Brooks Brothers – are glad: just call this classy, oft-blazered gentleman “Blaze of Glory.”



Reared in small-town Fayetteville, TN, John Paul Cowan is a self-proclaimed hick. But since his high school car was a black 1985 IROC-Z Camaro, I’m not buying it.

I mean, seriously. Point – totally bitchin’.

Then again, he never boarded a plane until his sophomore year of college. Point – totally bumpkin.

However, whatever he lacked in worldly experiences, he soon more than made up for. While attending UT Knoxville and studying architecture, JP spent his 4th year as an exchange student in Poland. A 2-month solo-backpacking trip across Europe followed (he swears he didn’t make out with TOO many girls), and then he landed his first architecture job in Honolulu.

But all roads lead home, and eventually JP found himself back in his motherland of Tennessee – and began running with the East Nasties last summer. With 1 marathon, 6 half-marathons, and a triathlon under his belt, he is now aiming at a half-Ironman in September. He even bought his own wetsuit.



What a crazo.

Stay tuned for information on this Sunday's 8am Beer & Mimosa run, mapped out by JP himself!

-Annie P.