Annie Parsons



Some of you may have been wondering who’s been writing all of these great “East Nasty of the Week” bios. Why, of course, it’s our very own Annie Parsons who is our East Nasty of the Week.

Annie has been in Nashville for just over a year now and already has more Nashville friends than you on Facebook. Originally from Montrose, CO, Annie graduated from Seattle Pacific University in 2005 with a degree in music and stayed in Seattle until September of 2007. It was at this point that Annie looked the bohemian lifestyle in the eye and effectively said, “you got nuthin’ on me,” as she embarked on an open-ended, solo tour of the lower-48 in her trusty Honda Accord. After about three months, this tour thankfully landed her here in Nashville.

Enough of the history lesson – let’s get to the good stuff. In March of 2007, Annie began her blog, which after just shy of two years, has blossomed considerably and is now read by thousands of people every week. Clearly she is a perfect person to write these bios. She’s sort of a big deal, so check it out! She is a big fan of country music and writes/sings/plays her own take on the genre. Although she has a quite lovely singing voice, she actually prefers the background vocal angle of music. She is a also great social connector and can probably guess your Myers Briggs test results after talking to you for about 10 minutes.

Still slightly wet behind the ears, Annie is a relatively new addition to the wonderful world of pavement pounding. She joined up with the East Nasties about 6 months ago and surprised many of us by jumping in at about a 9-minute mile pace with no previous running background…pretty awesome. Her plan is to run the Country Music Half Marathon in April – with her original motivation being that she “doesn’t think she can do it.” That being said, Annie is a testament to us all who remember the first times we hit 4 miles, then 5 miles, then 6 miles and so on. We’ve got news for you, Annie. The time has come for you to OWN that Country Music Half Marathon. You’re not simply going to finish. You’re going to finish strong.