Mary Jane Peck

Some people are just meant to run.Mary Jane Peck is one such person.



Growing up in Norman, OK, Mary Jane left the athletics to her dad and brother.She only started running 2 years ago, but when she started winning races and realizing how naturally it came to her, she was hooked.She started with 5K's, and then the Music City Half.She ran the Memphis Marathon back in December, and has a goal of someday participating in the Boston Marathon (she's currently only 4 minutes 6 seconds away from qualifying, so it's absolutely going to happen).

She is a total rock star.

After a brief stint teaching 5th and 6th grade English, MJ went back to school.Now with a Masters in Social Work from Vanderbilt, Mary Jane works for the Department of Children's Services, saying, "I love that I can be analytical and dorky about something I care about."An avid reader, her favorite book is "The Age of Innocence" by Edith Wharton.She often runs with her dog, Mr. Bean, and always with no iPod.

-Annie P.

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