Chuck Hargrove



His chiseled calves.  His sculpted physique.  His manly charisma.  Often mistaken for the wing-footed messenger, Hermes… but no, my friends.  No. This is Chuck Thomas Hargrove.

A native East Nashvillian, Chuck lives in the same house he grew up in – the house that his grandfather built.  Is that an all-American story, or what?

But wait, it gets better.

Chuck ran for Hillwood High School (in fact, he was Hillwood's first All-City Athlete), and then for Belmont University.  He has qualified for the Boston Marathon twice – 25 years apart.  Chuck's running colleagues call him a "sweeper" with many paces; he can run a 14-minute mile or a 7-minute mile, depending on who he's running with.

(And take it from this slow-poke: his encouragement and willingness to hang back is much appreciated!)

When he's not running his Courtesy Courier business, the jovial Chuck can be found cooking "almost anything," throwing a killer Labor Day party, or dabbling in radio.

-Annie P.

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