Wednesday Feb 20 - Rick's Market


When we created this route way back in 2009 it really did run past a store called ‘Rick’s Market’ and it’s sign very proudly proclaimed “Coldest beer in town!”. But, like so many other things that have changed in our neighborhood this has too. Rick’s is actually home to Roy Meats Service now – a great neighborhood butcher shop. Pick up some steaks or chops, or put in a special order for your favorite cut.

Route safety note: please be careful right at the corner of Lillian and 14th – watch out for car traffic coming over the hill on 14th (they don’t have a stop sign) that may not see pedestrians very well. If you must run with headphones, keep one ear open. But the safest thing is to ditch the headphones and partner up with another runner or 2. Pass the miles with a conversation during your run keeping your eyes and ears open. Look out for each other, don’t leave anyone out on their own! And don’t forget your reflective gear!

We meet at the corner of 11th & Holly at 6pm. We run every Wednesday – RAIN or shine, hot or cold. You can READ HERE for more details on how our Wednesday night runs work. If you are a run/walker and/or want to get a head start, meet at 5:45pm and join our Lasty Nasty Group.

Race Shirts for Sale

East Nasty Spring Race Shirts are now for sale! Our store will be open through March 4th, so put your orders in ASAP. We will have the shirts in time for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Half & Full Marathon. You can try them on at Nashville Running Company (thanks friends!). Thanks for repping East Nasty!

Half/Full Marathon Training

There is NO organized run for Half/Full Marathon Training this weekend, Feb. 23rd. Find a race and RACE YOUR HEART OUT! We’ll see you the next Saturday, March 2nd, at Shelby Park.

Megan Willoughby