Wednesday Jan 23 - Little Battles


The Weather

Gonna be chilly again this week - and maybe even some winter precipitation tonight. Our founder, Mark Miller, loves to run in the cold and rain. He wrote this a few years ago and it has stuck with me: "One thing I love about running is that you get to experience the elements. Who cares if it’s cold if all you do is go from your house, to your garage, to your office and back again? Who cares if it’s hot and humid if you never leave the air conditioning. When you run outdoors, you can’t avoid the weather, and I think that forcing yourself to run in less than ideal conditions is one of life’s little victories. Is it a really that big of a deal to run inside on a treadmill rather than running outside when it’s 30 degrees? Maybe not, but I am fully convinced that those seemingly insignificant little battles that we face in life are preparing us for the big battles that one day we inevitably will face. And knowing that you have the courage to suit up and run when it’s 30 degrees and raining is a small victory that will give you the confidence to face tougher challenges as they arise!"

Mark also says that there no such thing as inclement conditions – only inadequate preparation! So prepare for the cold and rain and join us outside tonight. Check and follow them on Twitter for really clear, balanced, non-hyperbolic local weather info. Remember the rule is to dress for a cold weather run like you are going out for a hike in temperatures 20 degrees warmer that it really is. Don't over-dress - your body will heat up when you start running. Dress in layers. Make sure your base layer is moisture wicking and your outer layer protects you from the wind and rain. Most important piece of cold weather running gear? A hat. You lose most of your body heat through your head.

Route #4

We head back into Shelby Park this week for Route #4: The Big Shelby Loop. 99% percent of the time we need you to run on the left side of the road against traffic, but on this route it’s safer to run on the right side on Davidson Street once you’re in the park. When you make the right turn from Davidson to head up the Sevier/Naval hill, get back over to the left side of the road. Be sure to wear something that creates some light – it gets pretty dark on Davidson.

We meet at the corner of 11th & Holly at 6pm. We run every Wednesday – rain or shine, hot or cold. You can READ HERE for more details on how our Wednesday night runs work. If you are a run/walker and/or want to get a head start, meet at 5:45pm and join our Lasty Nasty Group.

Tom King Half Marathon Water Stop!

Word has spread about our epic water stop at the 2018 Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and we have been asked to provide our awesomeness to the Tom King Half Marathon on February 23. This will be an official water and Gatorade stop - located in Shelby Park. If you are not running the Tom King 1/2 And want to help out please email Jeremy at

Nashville Running Company - 7th Birthday Party!

Save the date! Saturday Feb 2nd our friends at NRC have invited us to help them celebrate 7 years! Sandwiches, sodas, beer, giveaways, vendors including Altra Running, The North Face, Mizuno, Brooks Running, HOKA ONE ONE, Balega International, and Swiftwick Socks! Best of all, rumor has it that the one and only Black Diamond will be singing some tunes! Get more details on the Facebook event.