Wednesday July 4 - Red, White, and Run


Yes! We will run on Wednesday July 4th - at 7am! If you're not racing that morning, come get in an easy run before you enjoy your Independence Day fun, fests, and fireworks! Bring your own hydration (we may or may not have coolers) and make sure you know the route.

Route #1

We will do Route #1: One Hilly 5(ish)K. Please note the stops signs along Shelby – be safe, obey all traffic laws, and be extra courteous.

We meet at the corner of 11th & Holly - this week at 7am. We run every Wednesday – rain or shine, hot or cold. You can READ HERE for more details on how our Wednesday night runs work. Remember we share the roads with walkers, cyclists, and cars – please help us be good neighbors!