Wednesday Jan 10 - How It Works

We had so much info to share last week that we forgot to officially welcome everyone to the winter quarter of East Nasty! We started our cycle of 12 runs last week and we continue this week with Route #2: ‘Round the Bird. This run takes into Shelby Park and is a figure-8 route that crosses over itself. Be sure to high five each other at the intersection! We should have some nice temps for a Wednesday in January, but it gets pretty dark in parts of the park so remember to wear something that creates and/or reflects light. Board members leading this quarter of Wednesday nights are Heidi Huerta and Alyce Scrivner. Look for them making announcements and getting the run going.

And since we are back at the beginning of our cycle, this is a great opportunity for a refresher on how our runs work…

How It Works

We meet every Wednesday, year round, for a run at 6pm. This is our ‘main event’ and the best way to get plugged into the group. Rain or shine, hot or cold – we run. There is nothing to sign up to participate, no email list to join – just show up. We meet at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville. We have 12 different runs (each one 3-6 miles) that we follow sequentially each week. There are usually around 100+ runners on any given Wednesday evening.

  1. Wednesday morning – Check the blog for any updates and changes, and reacquaint yourself with that week’s route.  Print out the route if you think you might get lost.
  2. As you are arriving, the map of the route for that night should be hanging on the porch of the yellow house.
  3. 5:45pm (5:30pm for routes #3 and #12) – The Lasty Nasties start their run.  Lasty Nasty is our walk/run group that starts before the main group. If you typically run slower than 12 minutes per mile you should consider joining this group. Here is their Facebook page - it's a great way to get connected to other run/walkers.
  4. 6:07pm – We begin announcements which should take about a minute or two.
  5. 6:10pm – Greet someone new, and prepare for your run.
  6. 6:11pm (ish) We don’t just start running en masse. We leave in pace groups, and someone will be starting those groups from fastest to slowest – starting usually with 7:30 and faster pace, and going in 30 second increments (7:30 – 8:00, 8:00 – 8:30, etc…), with a short gap between groups. The last group is 10 minutes per mile and over.
  7. During the run safety is priority number one! We encourage you to run as hard as you want, but this is not a race. So, (1) run on the sidewalk as much as possible, (2) wear something that creates or reflects light, (3) be careful at intersections, don’t assume cars are going to stop, and (4) stop if one of your fellow runners needs help.
  8. Post-run – There is nothing permanent scheduled for after the run, but there are often post run pint nights or other happenings. Bring a change of clothes (or not) and head over to 3 Crow or one of the other local establishments for a drink and/or some dinner. Of course, please be exceptionally nice to your servers!

Parking: It’s getting more and more difficult to navigate traffic and parking in the 5 Points area with all the growth. You can find street parking in and around 5 Points, but be mindful of fire hydrants and street corners (30 feet minimum distance per the city), No Parking signs, construction areas, and blocking in other cars. Do not park behind the YCAP building, the YCAP gym, or in the construction zone in the alleys. Both buildings host groups that meet on Wednesday evenings and we need to be respectful of their property and access to their vehicles. Always lock your vehicle and hide your valuables – don’t be an easy ticket or target.

2018 Half Marathon Training has begun!

It's not too late to join our Half Marathon Training! Get all the details and sign up on our Half Marathon Training page HERE then join us this Saturday at 8am at Nissan Stadium. The 16-week Training Program is FREE! Patrick Sullivan and Kevin Howard are our training coordinators. Email them at with any questions or for additional information.