East Nasty Tri and Cycling Kits!

By popular demand, there will be a very limited run of East Nasty branded triathlon and cycling gear. The design is in the works, but it will be awesome and will let you show off your East Nasty pride as you crush races and rides from Shelby Park to Ironman Worlds. Check out Nimblewear USA at www.nimblewear.com to see the available items in the Triathlon and Cycling sections. A set of men’s and women’s tri kits will be available at Nashville Running Company to try on now through Wednesday August 2nd. Details on ordering are being finalized, but what we do know is that the kits will disappear by noon on August 3rd, so go by and find your size. Cycling apparel listed on the Nimblewear site is also available for order and will have the same design, but will not be available to try on. Pricing for each piece will be determined in part by the number of items ordered, but should not exceed the single quantity price listed on the web site. Items will be made to order only, and no extras will be ordered.

Details on the design and how to order will be coming soon, but if you have questions in the meantime, please email Jeremy Taylor at inglewoodlifer@gmail.com