Wednesday July 5 - If it ain't rainin', it ain't trainin'

It's raining again today. But it's Pint Night! And Drew Jones is back!

Route #3

This week is Route #3: Musica. ‘Musica’ is the name of the massive sculpture art piece at the center of the music row roundabout at the far end of the route. This is an out and back route, so you can choose your milage. It’s about 4 miles if you turn around right after crossing the pedestrian bridge. It’s about 5 miles if you turn around at Cummins Station. And it’s about 6.3 if you do the whole thing. This route is a great way to see downtown, but there are lots of downtown intersections. Please be especially careful, use crosswalks, and obey traffic signals!  We meet at the corner of 11th & Holly at 6pm. We run rain or shine - and it looks like it might be rain tonight. But as our own Mr. Price is fond of saying  "If it ain't rainin', it ain't trainin!" It will just make that post-run beer at Pint Night even sweeter.  If it's storming or lightning, then use your own best judgement. If you are new or need a reminder, READ HERE for more details about how our Wednesday night runs work.

If you are a run/walker it’s not too late to join up with our free P2T Group! You can also check out our Lasty Nasty Group on Facebook to see if anyone is run/walking tonight (most of those guys are participating in or volunteering at P2T on Wednesday evenings).

Pint Night!

It’s the first Wednesday of the Month – which means it’s Pint Night at Nashville Running Company after the run! Free beer, 10% discount on everything in the store (NRC offers 10% off to East Nasties every day!), and TriggerPoint will be there to demo some new gear!

Tomato 5K

Be sure to sign up for our ‘homecoming’ race – the YMCA Tomato 5K on August 12th. Hundreds of Nasties run this race each year and it kicks off one of the best days of the summer, the annual East Nashville Tomato Fest. You don’t wanna miss it!

Weekend Long Runs

We’ve got 2 options for you for free weekend long runs this summer and fall.

PR Bandits – Saturdays. East Nasty is partnering with the ‘PR Bandits’ again in 2017 who are hosting supported long runs on Saturday mornings. Check them out on Facebook HERE and watch for their posts here on this blog. This Saturday’s run starts at 6:30am at the Percy Warner Golf Course Clubhouse.

Fall Marathon Training – Sundays. Board member Alyce Scrivner will once again be leading long runs on Sundays (Beginning July 9th) with an eye towards fall half and full marathons. These runs are supported, but a less structured than our spring training program. Email Alyce to get on the list at:

Nashville Running Company Trail Running

Wanna get off the road this summer and into some shady, hilly, and muddy trail running fun? Check out NRC’s 14-week Summer ‘RunWILD’ Trail Training Program. It starts up this Saturday July 8th. Use code ‘2NASTY’ for $10 off the registration price. The Bowie Park 6 Miler trail race is coming up on July 16th and is a great beginner trail race in one of Middle Tennessee’s most beautiful parks. There is alse a kid’s fun run too!