Wednesday June 14 - The NASTY.

Route #12: The Nasty

It's that time once again! This week we culminate our 12 run series with our signature run: Route #12: The Nasty! 6 miles of the worst best hills in East Nashville. You get our famous bumper sticker when you complete the run! If you need a little shorter run, you can run ‘Nasty Lite’ – a 3.7 mile run – but, there’s no sticker reward.

We meet at the corner of 11th & Holly at 6pm. We run every Wednesday – rain or shine, hot or cold. If you are a run/walker and want to get a head start, meet at 5:30pm and join our Lasty Nasty Group. You can READ HERE for more details on how our Wednesday night runs work. Remember we share the roads with walkers, cyclists, and cars – please, stay on the sidewalks or to the far left on the road, obey traffic signals and stop signs, and cross only in marked crosswalks. Help us be good neighbors and reflect our club well to the community!

We have 12 different routes that we cycle through on Wednesdays, which means that we run each one around 4 times per year. So it works out that we get to experience each route in each season (more or less). That makes this is the ‘summer’ Nasty – which means it's gonna be hot. So, be sure to hydrate well tomorrow before, during, and after the run.

After you finish, grab your sticker and come down to 3 Crow Bar to celebrate completing the run with all your peeps! And be sure to say thanks to East Nasty Board Members Beth, Sarah, and Alyce for hosting this quarter of Wednesday nights! We will do our Cup Cleaning raffle drawing for this quarter next week - thanks to all of you cup cleaning volunteers!

Potato to Tomato

You say potato, we say tomato! Our free summer Couch to 5k program is starts this Saturday morning - 7am at Shelby Bottom Nature Center! It's not too late to join! Get info and register HERE. For details specifically about this Saturday read THIS. And join the P2T Facebook page HERE. Invite your friends, family, and co-workers to get moving on a new fitness journey with us!