Wednesday March 22 - The Spring Nasty and Reebok Wear Test

Route #12: The Nasty

This week we culminate our 12 run series with our signature run: Route #12: The Nasty! 6 miles of the worst best hills in East Nashville. You get our famous bumper sticker when you complete the run! If you need a little shorter run, you can run ‘Nasty Lite’ – a 3.7 mile run – but, there’s no sticker reward.

We meet at the corner of 11th & Holly at 6pm. Meet at 5:30pm and join the Lasty Nasties if you are a run/walker and want to get a head start. We have 12 different routes that we cycle through on Wednesdays, which means that we run each one around 4 times per year. So it works out that we get to experience each route in each season (more or less). So this is the ‘spring’ Nasty – which means that while it will be light at the start of the run, it will be getting dark by the time some of you finish. So, be sure to wear something that creates or reflects light.

After you finish, grab your sticker and come down to 3 Crow Bar to celebrate completing the run with all your peeps!

Reebok FloatRide Wear Test

Come out on TONIGHT -Wednesday, March 22nd as Reebok will be joining us with their Reebok FloatRide Tour! Reebok will be allowing runners to try on their brand new Reebok FloatRide shoe, which is their newest and recently launched running shoe. Come #feeltheFloatRide and feel the love from Reebok with some free give-aways along the way! If you want to participate, try to get there a little early to get set up! 


Be on the lookout very soon for details about our spring race shirts. Stay tuned!