Wednesday Nov 16th – Gonna rock down to...

East Nasty Route #10

Route #10

This week we revisit one of our newer routes Route #10 – The Electric Slide. or Boogaloo. Or something like that. We meet at the corner of 11th & Holly at 6pm (and 6am). Be sure to wear something that creates or reflects light. This route is awesome (with one of the greatest hills in East Nashville) but you need to be extra cautious at one particular intersection. Right before the three mile mark, you turn left onto 14th from Sevier. Before you turn left onto 14th from Sevier, you need to STOP, look for traffic, then cross the street and run on the sidewalk on the right side of 14th. Be very careful crossing 14th! For those of you who know the area, make sure you alert those around you.

2017 Half Marathon Training

We are looking for just a few more volunteer pace leaders for our 2017 edition of our Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon training beginning in January. Specifically, we need pace leaders for finish times of 2:15 and 2:30. Pace leaders train a group to run a specific goal pace for the half marathon, and will finish the training by leading them through the race. Leading a training group is a great way to give back, a lot of fun – and a commitment. As a thank you, we will reimburse you for your race entry fee. Interested? Email our Half Marathon Training Coordinator David Harris at for more specifics.

Training will start on Saturday January 7th. We will have more info about participating in Half and Full training programs in the coming weeks!