Wednesday Nov 2nd - Rick is now Roy, but the beer is still cold.

Run #8 Rick's Market 2.0

Route #8

This week it's back towards Shelby for Route #8 – Rick's Market. We meet at the corner of 11th & Holly at 6pm (and 6am). Be sure to wear something that creates or reflects light. So much has changed in East Nashville in recent years and this route is no exception. Rick's is actually home to Roy Meats Service now. So, you can pick up your favorite cut of meat along with the "coldest beer in town".

Pint Night

Speaking of cold beer... this is the first Wednesday of the month, which means Nashville Running Company is hosting Pint Night. Stop by NRC after the evening run for some Yazoo and 10% off any purchases.

Christmas Party

More details to come, but for now hold the date on Wednesday December 14th. We'll have our annual Christmas Party that night after the run.

2017 Half (or Full) Marathon Training

Starting in January, the 2017 edition of our Rock n’ Roll Half or Full Marathon training will begin. Right now we are looking for some volunteer pace leaders. Pace leaders train a group to run a specific goal pace for the half marathon, and will finish the training by leading them through the race. Leading a training group is a great way to give back, a lot of fun - and a commitment. As a thank you, we will reimburse you for your race entry fee. We have some leaders already, but we're still looking for several more volunteers. We need leaders for half marathon goal times from 1:20 through 2:30. Interested? Email our Half Marathon Training Coordinator David Harris at for more specifics.

If you are looking to participate in the training we’ll have a detailed outline plus a place to sign up soon, but here are some specifics if you want to plan ahead.

  1. We meet on Saturday mornings at 8:00am starting the first Saturday in January through race day, April 29th.
  2. Our requirement is that you are able to run 5 miles without stopping by January 1.
  3. We will also offer free speed/hill workouts on Thursday evenings and, of course, our Wednesday night runs.
  4. It’s free. Look for more details in the coming weeks!