Wednesday Oct 19th - There's no debating it, Wednesdays are better with East Nasty

New Route #6

Route #6

This week's we had back east into Shelby Park for Route #6 – Riverside. We meet at the corner of 11th & Holly at 6pm (and 6am). Summer seems to be still holding on just a bit - 80 degree temps forecasted for tomorrow night - so, dress appropriately and be sure to wear your reflective and/or lighted gear. There is often a bit of traffic on this route. This weeks run may be a little warm, but will probably be more fun than watching the debate.

On This Day

Did you know that October 19th is National Seafood Bisque Day? It's also Evaluate Your Life Day. But, most importantly, its East Nasty Founder Mark Miller's birthday. So, skip the bisque, remember that you're winning at life with East Nasty, and come out to the run and toast the Godfather. Happy birthday, Mark! Thanks for all you have done to make East Nasty the great organization that all of us love so much!

Cup Washing Volunteers Still Needed

East Nasty relies entirely on volunteers. And there are many areas where we can always use some help. One of our simplest, but most important needs each week is washing the water cups. Here's how it works: 1) Take the cups home after the run on Wednesday. 2) Wash them. 3) Bring them back the next week. Easy stuff. Please sign up here. We're still looking for a  few more volunteers for the rest of this quarter Will you help out?

Volunteer to help wash the cups!