Wednesday Oct 12th – Bridges and Brews


Route #5

This week's run is one of our most popular  Route #5 – the downtown pedestrian bridge loop.  We meet at the corner of 11th & Holly at 6pm (and 6am). Temps are supposed to be in the mid-70s - should be a beautiful night for a run across the bridge and through downtown followed by a pint afterwards...

Pint Night

...because it's Pint Night at Nashville Running Company. After the run grab a new friend and head over to NRC for some free Yazoo brew, 10% discounts on NRC stock,  injury screenings, and probably some authentic Lee Wilson wisecrackery.

Cup Washing Volunters

East Nasty relies entirely on volunteers. And there are many areas where we can always use some help. One of our simplest, but most important needs each week is washing the water cups. Here's how it works: 1) Take the cups home after the run on Wednesday. 2) Wash them. 3) Bring them back the next week. Easy stuff. Please sign up here. We need volunteers for this next several weeks including THIS WEEK! No clean cups = no water after the run. Will you help out?

Volunteer to help wash the cups!

Finally, just another reminder that, here in the fall and winter months, we ask that you wear something that reflects and/or creates light.

See you Wednesday!