Wednesday Sept 28th - Out & Back & Safe & Sound

Route #3

Route #3

This week is Route #3 - an out and back route to the Musica art piece at the roundabout at the top of music row. This is our only out and back route, and as such, it offers multiple distance options. For example, if you go over the pedestrian bridge and back that is almost exactly 4 miles. If you go all the way around Musica - you're looking at 6.3 ish. So much of the city along this route has changed since we started running it several years ago - the Music City Center wasn't there, or the expanded Hall of Fame, or the Gulch Crossing, or much of the development on the end of Demonbreun. So, pick your distance, grab some friends and run through the new Nashville! Since we're running through downtown, please adhere to all the traffic signals! Help us maintain a good reputation with the city, ok? At red lights, just press pause on your Garmin and wait for the light to go green - you can do it!

Safety and Reflective Gear

We meet at the corner of 11th & Holly at 6am and 6pm. It's starting to get dark during our evening runs - it's time for reflective gear and lights. Please begin wearing something that creates or reflects light on Wednesday evenings. Nashville Running Company is right around the corner from our meeting spot and has several options you can purchase if you're in need of some gear.

Make a new friend!

We're getting into the part of the year with great running weather - which means we have a few more people come out. There is no place more lonely than a large gathering of people where no one talks to you. If you see someone looking lost or new, say hi and welcome them to the group! Invite them to run along with you and/or grab a beer after the run.

See you Wednesday!


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