Wednesday, Sept 21st - Shelby Park, Hot Dogs, and Helping Kids

round the bird  

Route #2

This week is Route #2 - a 4 mile figure 8 run through Shelby Park. Fun fact: the update to this route was suggested by former ENOW Zach Layne. Before settling on 'Round the Bird' (a reference to the chrome mockingbird art that we pass by on this run), we almost called it 'The High Five' or 'The Awkward Moment' because of the intersection in the park where you may (or may not) seek out (or receive) a high five from another runner going through it in the other direction - so, look out! Note that that we will be running right past the Shelby Park Farmer's Market - so please be courteous and careful of the people and kids we will be sharing the park with.

We meet at 6am and 6pm at the corner of 11th & Holly. It's starting to get dark during our runs - it's time to break out the reflective gear and lights. Don't make Jeremy ask you where your safety gear is!

I Dream of Weenie Night - courtesy of State Farm

After the run, it's one of our favorite summer treats! Head over to I Dream of Weenie for a FREE hot dog - courtesy of our local State Farm TeamIDOW has all kinds of hot dogs (veggie dogs, too!) but doesn't sell beer. HOWEVER,  you can BYOB, as long as you keep it in the grassy area right next to the Weenie van. Be sure to thank the State Farm Team in person or with a tweet or post.

Balega Lesedi Project at NRC

Also this Wednesday, Nashville Running Company is hosting Belega's Lesedi Project which raises funds for the Ethembeni School in South Africa and for local charity Give Me 10 East Nashville. Pick up Lesedi bracelets ($2.50) and sunglasses croakies ($5) (handmade by the children at the Ethembeni School) and support some great kids. And if I know know Lee Wilson, there will probably be beer.

Shelby Bottoms 6 Miler

We've all run the greenway in Shelby Bottoms, but if you've never run the trails there, then you're missing out!  The Shelby Bottoms 6 Miler trail race is on Sunday October 2nd and starts and finishes on the runway at Cornelia Fort Air Park. Don't worry, you will only be on the black top for about .3 miles to begin and end the race - the rest will be soft, luscious, flat, fast, wide track trails (even some single track too!). A perfect race for those looking to dip their toes into the art of trail racing! A portion of the race proceeds is donated to Friends of Shelby Park and Bottoms - an org that keeps our 'home' park one of the best in the city. Today (Tuesday Sept 20th) is the last day to register at the early rate and guarantee getting a race shirt. Need even more incentive? Breakfast tacos at the finish line. Boom!


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