Wednesday, August 3: Volunteers, Pint Night, Route #7

7 More People...

As runners we know that races need water stops... but so does an outdoor festival in early August!    That is why each year East Nasty runs a water stop - for the Tomato Festival.   This is our way to give back to the community that has embraced us, and it is also our biggest fundraiser.    But we can't do it without volunteers.

We have 7 more slots to fill - and these are the ones that always fill up last...early morning and late afternoon.    But believe me it's not a chore, it's really fun!   Volunteering is a fun new way to experience a festival, and an opportunity to meet some new folks.  Please consider signing up for a 2 hour shift.   Sign up for a shift.

Route #7

Little Hollywood.   If you are new, here's some information about our Wednesday night runs.

#7 Little Hollywood

Pint Night

After the run, rehydrate by heading over to NRC for their monthly pint night!

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