Wednesday, July 13

Route #4


Post -Run Specials

So most of us know that 3 Crow offers 2-4-1 beers on Wednesday nights.  But there are several other specials, including a brand new one that is really exciting... The Local Taco.   The deal for East Nasties is:

2-4-1 Tacos

$3 Craft Beers

Free Chips & Salsa with any purchase

Yet another fantastic reason to stay after the run to enjoy the great things East Nashville has to offer.    Just head over there after the run and tell them you're with East Nasty - better yet, don't change of throw on an East Nasty shirt.

Fall Half Training - still time to join!

Nashville’s big half marathon is in April…which is a terrible time for a full or half marathon in the south.    The fall/ early winter is a perfect time to tackle  13.1 or 26.2, which is why we offer half training for the fall.

The Fall Half training will start on Sunday, July 10th and will loosely follow the Hal Higdon Novice 2 training plan, so first week will be 4 miles for the long run.  (Note: If you are a more advanced runner, we encourage you to join up with the PR bandits.)  It’s a 12 week program, so it will prepare runners for the first Fall Nashville run which is called Half Full Races-Nashville on September 25th.  Other races that are in Nashville this Fall are Race 13.1 on Oct. 29 and Nashville Half on November 12.

The runs will be on Sunday mornings starting at 7:00 am from different locations around Nashville.  There will be a weekly email that lays out the details of the run.  There are no specific pace groups, but typically we have every pace from 8-13:00.  There will be hydration at the mid-way point on the runs and at the end.
Contact for more information.  Remember, correspondence will be through email so you will need to contact Alyce if you want to get on that list!


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