Wednesday, June 15 - The Summer Nasty

The Nasty

On Wednesday nights, we have 12 different routes, which means that we run each one 4 times per year.   (We fill in the gaps with some random runs...)    So it works out that we get to experience each route in each season (more or less).   This Wednesday is the summer Nasty...   Not only is it our most difficult run, but it's going to be hot - and perhaps raining.   It doesn't get better than this!

The Nasty

If you are new to the group, take a moment and read this.

Potato to Tomato

Our annual couch to 5k program (we call it potato to tomato) starts this Saturday.  Maybe you are a new runner or are coming off a long hiatus and need some motivation/accountability to start running again.  Or perhaps a friend/family member wants to get in shape but just can't get started on their own.   Whatever your status, our program is free and open to everyone.    (Kids can join the program as long as one of their parents joins as well...)

Read about the program here, then sign up today - or pass it onto someone you know.  We hope to see you on Saturday!

Newton Wear Test

Show up at NRC as early as 5 pm to try a pair of Newton's for Wednesday's run.  (Weather permitting...)


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