April 27 - Race Week

Tapering... For those of you who are racing on Saturday, here are my words of advice:  there is nothing you can do between now and then to get faster - there are lots of things that you can do to make yourself slower.   Meaning?   It takes your body 7 to 10 days to gain any benefits from a hard workout.  So if you feel like you "missed" too many runs, don't try to make them up this week.  You'll experience all the fatigue that comes with a workout but get none of the benefits by Saturday's race.   Bottom line:  no hard running, don't add anything new ("hey I feel like stretching...") rest, relax and pay attention to your hydration and nutrition.

Post race celebration...

I love Saturday races (as opposed to Sunday races…)   because Saturday races allow you to fully embrace the post-race celebration.   On April 30, we invite you to fully embrace our post-race celebration (whether you run or not…)

What: East Nasty Post-Rock n’ Roll Race Celebration (If you are a Facebook person click here...)

Who: Everyone  – even if you didn’t run.

Where: The Pavilion East

When: Saturday, April 30.  6:00 – 10:00 pm

Why: Local Taco, Yazoo, Friends and Drew Jones’ playlist…

Put it on your calendar!   And please consider a $10 donation to help us offset some of the costs.

Route #5

Drew Jones' favorite!

Run #5: The Walking Bridge

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