Wednesday, April 13

Route #3

It's going to be a beautiful night to head downtown...

This is our one out-and-back route so you can really make this run as long or short as you would like.

If you're not quite sure how our Wednesday nights work, read this to familiarize yourself with the process...

Route #3

Thursday workouts...

Thursday night at 6 pm at the same location.  This week is a 5k tempo run.   We only have a couple of weeks left.

April 30 - Post-Race Celebration

I love Saturday races (as opposed to Sunday races...)   because Saturday races allow you to fully embrace the post-race celebration.   On April 30, we invite you to fully embrace our post-race celebration (whether you run or not...)

What: East Nasty Post-Rock n' Roll Race Celebration

Who: Everyone  - even if you didn't run.

Where: The Pavilion East

When: Saturday, April 30.  6:00 - 10:00 pm

Why: Local Taco, Yazoo, Friends and Drew Jones' playlist...

Put it on your calendar!

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