Wednesday, March 9

Route #10 6 pm at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.

Important:  Take a moment to look at the route below.   Right before mile 3, there is a left turn from Sevier onto 14th.   At that intersection, you need to stop, cross over 14th and run down the sidewalk on the right side of 14th.

Route #10: The Electric Slide

Thursday night workouts

Wednesday nights are a great mid-week social run, but then show up again on Thursday to get faster.   6 pm at the intersection of 11th and Holly.   This week we are hitting the track.   If you have never done a track workouts, Thursday would be a great time to learn.

Half/Full Marathon Training

Saturday morning everybody is meeting at 8 am at Nissan Stadium.   We will be running 8 or 10 miles on the Rock n' Roll course.

Wednesday RunsMark