Mark your calendars...

Planning ahead... We've got some great stuff coming in the near future, including our first destination race!  So take a moment to read below and pencil these things on your calendar.

  1. Wednesday, December 16th: Christmas Party.   After the run that night, we'll head down the street to celebrate another great year of community and running.   We'll have food, beverages and East Nasty apparel on sale for those last minute Christmas gifts.
  2.  Saturday, January 2: Day one of half/full marathon training.   Every year we offer free training for the country music St. Jude's Rock n' Roll half and full marathon.   You'll be able to sign up for the program in November.   All we ask is that by January 2nd, you are able to run 5 miles without stopping before you join our half marathon program.  (10 miles for the full)   Then just show up at Shelby Park on January 2.   Remember: it's free!
  3. March 6: Chattanooga Full/Half Marathon.   This is our first destination race.   Running is not just a great way to get in shape and challenge yourself, it's also a great excuse to visit new places.   As you are planning your spring races, consider joining us for the Chattanooga Half Marathon, full marathon - or put together a 2 or 4 member marathon relay team!     We will have a discount code (20% off),  a discounted room rate (details soon) and we will plan a couple of group events.    We are finalizing some of the specifics of the trip, but register now to take advantage of the price break.  Our discount code is: eastnasty.

Wednesday, October 28

Where: The Corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville

When: 6 pm

These are the best running days...  Don't let the rain scare you off

#7 Little Hollywood

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