Wednesday, October 7 - Pearl Izumi, Pint Night & Challenge yourself

Before the Run... Head over to NRC as early as 5 pm to try on a pair of Pearl Izumi shoes for the run.   Yes, you can actually wear a different pair of shoes for the entire run to see if you like them.

The Run: Route #4

We are heading back into Shelby for route #4.   Remember, the greenway is a shared space, so stay alert and to the right because it's going to be a great night which means lots of bikes, kids and other runners.


After the Run...

Head back to NRC for their monthly pint night.

Challenge Yourself

Running, by its very nature, attracts people who are driven.    And one of the negatives of that is a preoccupation with PR's.   Obviously its fun to run as fast as possible for a particular distance, but its also fun to challenge yourself to run a really hard race.   NRC is hosting one of those on Sunday, October 18:  The Defeated Creek Half Marathon Trail Race.    Let me give you one guarantee: you will not PR!   But.. it is a great opportunity to get off the roads and do something really tough.

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