Wednesday, September 30

Route #3

Where: 11th and Holly in East Nashville

When: 6 pm

This is our only out and back route, and as such, it offers multiple distance options.   For example if you go over the pedestrian bridge and back that is almost exactly 4 miles.  If you go all the way around Musica - you're looking at 6.3 ish.   Pick your distance, grab some friends and we'll see you tonight!

Route #3

Dusk is coming a bit earlier, and the skies have been overcast.   What does that mean?   It's time to start thinking about reflective gear.

Leave it better than you found it...

I teach at a school where the faculty reminds students to leave things better than you found them.   Leave places better than you found them, leave other people better than you found them, and leave yourself better than you started.    It's a great reminder (especially the other people part...) but how does this manifest itself in a running group?  Easy:

Clean up before you leave.   Even if it's not your trash.  The folks at the yellow house has been a great partner, so let's make sure their yard looks great when we leave.

Meet someone new and invited them along for the run or a beer.   There is no place more lonely than a large gathering of people where no one talks to you.  If you see someone looking lost, say hi and welcome them to the group.

Run even if its raining!   You'll have a great time and be a better person for it... :)


See you tonight!


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