Wednesday, September 9 - The Nasty

hill #5 (Just one of the 7ish hills you get to experience tonight...)

The Nasty

This week is our signature route it's the one that makes you an official East Nasty.   The Nasty.

Where: the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville

When: Announcements start at 6:08. First group starts running at 6:10.  If you are a run/walker - join the Lasty Nasties as they start a little earlier.   Check out their Facebook page.

What: You know what...

The Nasty

Remember we meet in rain or shine.  In fact, tonight we would prefer rain...

Looking Ahead...

Next week (September 16) we will have a Newton wear test.   So if you have ever wanted to try Newtons, plan ahead and get to NRC early!   Once again, this is NOT today - it's on September 16th.

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